2 min readFeb 26, 2022

Sharing my thoughts that went behind YOU

Love has different meanings for everyone, and mine are just a very small part. The goal of this work is to make YOU explore what your definition of it is ❤

I have never been in love (I think) but I know it’s beautiful, I know it provides a warmth that completes us. It feels home and safe. There is peace and surprise. The unexpected unspoken understanding. A shine that could be seen and felt. The time stops.

Like they could see the real person behind that mask, and most important they love the real us. We need not wear any mask anymore. No need to be someone we are not. It is definitely different, surreal. We feel heard.


I have shown masks in their hands representing removal of it (but these are similar to the face). That’s to show the difficulty of knowing the real us, it’s all so same yet so different, but with them we just know…

The masks are also behind the cloth in the air. It represents the confidence that if we even change, we are not our best at the moment, we are still loved. It is not about loving one side of a person, but all the phases our partner goes through. It is acceptance without condition

The cloth above symbolizes the comfort, strength and protection. And the light in background shows home. A bright home

How I know this feeling then- Maybe this love, I have felt through art, and through the people I have met. I have found myself, learnt to love me. Maybe I am just romanticizing my journey, who knows😅
But I know somewhere in these years, I have felt it and that has changed me…