Protection- Artwork

Apr 2, 2022


Protection (2020)

In collection of Picotech

There lived a kid,
So innocent, so sweet.
Believed in good,
Whoever he meets.
He cared for others,
His world was bright,
Friends, family or stranger,
In everyone he left a light.
Usual day but he was hurt,
Sharing his pain,
he never learnt.
Sadly he was one of his kind,
Another lively kid was a hard find.
Slowly he understood the greatest lesson of all,
You are here, on your own.
To protect himself,
he wore an act,
His previous self was safely kept.
Smiling and kindness became thoughtful decisions,
Every step now was taken with precision.
He wished to save himself from world so mad,
Not letting him be prey to any bad.
The place safest in every condition,
Soon became a suffocating prison,
In this journey of being someone else,
He became the first to kill himself




Artist and Chess Player