Diwali- Artwork

3 min readNov 6, 2021


This write-up is about a very special piece I created for Diwali.

For those unfamiliar with what Diwali is about, it’s an Indian festival of lights to celebrate the victory of good over evil and welcome happiness and knowledge in our lives.
Diwali (or Deepavali) derives its meaning from row (avali) of clay lamps (deepa) that people light as symbolic of the inner light that protects spiritual darkness.

I also celebrate this day as gratitude towards the people who made my journey amazing and brought happiness to my life.

Since I have started crypto art, most of my time is spent with people in this space (who I can proudly call my family)

Last year, I gifted Diya (NFT) to my favorite people as a thank you. But this time I wanted to do something very different and a proper NFT version of the Diwali celebration.

Diwali Diya 2020

So I was thinking if only I could invite everyone to my home and we all could light Diyas and celebrate this festival together at one place.

Very Difficult ( I know)

But the good news is, NFTs just aren’t another canvas, they also allow immense creativity and innovation that wasn’t possible before. The medium if explored fully could do wonders to what we intend to express through our works.

So I added an extra layer (😉) of participation for everyone through this recent work. Let’s dive into it:


‘Diwali’ artwork is created on AsyncArt.
The platform makes it possible to divide an artwork (called master) into different elements (called layers) and allows ownership by different people for each layer and master.
The layer owners then could decide how the master looks within given parameters as decided by the creator

Minted a day before Diwali, the master looks like this, with a lady holding a diya and everything around is dark.

There are 27 ownable layers created of this piece on the day of Diwali, gifted on the same day to my friends in this space (collectors and fellow artists), who made it possible for me to live my dream and have so much fun.

Now the best and the coolest part.
What do these layers allow?
-Every layer has two states
1) start- which is blank or dark
2) one with diya, lantern, etc. (the state with light)

So when my friends received the layers, they could now update it to 2nd state, which is like lighting a lamp irl.

Now, as every owner updates their layer, the painting (master) becomes brighter and shinier

(layer updates so far)

And all these layer updates go on-chain, thus having full record of the participation and our celebration of this festival through art (NFT)

Maybe not irl but through this artwork the master was no less than a home for me, where all of us came together, lighted lamps, and celebrated this festival.

Layers Owned by

Xray, Roderik, SilverSurfer, Krybharat, MaximoNX, TenesseeJedi, Conlan, Basileus, Lisa, GeorgeBoya, Hippcampus, Funsponge, TCP, Barthazian, Deathimself, Snailexpress, Daim, Jetski, Shinji, Rutger Van der Tas, Defiant, Arjit, Fabin, Indrani, Richi, Alejendra, Sowmay