Collector AMA #2- SilverSurfer

3 min readNov 14, 2021

My second collector AMA is with Silver Surfer, who is my first AsyncArt collector, owning 3 layers of Chess and Addicts- Player White, Player Black, and The match

And not bragging but I am his first Async piece too xD
Since I have known him (Jan beginning), it has been a delight following his passion for art and respect for artists in this space.
He connects with artists, supports them, enjoys their drop, and actively participates in those. The energy is pretty evident through his tweets.
But yeah I might be biased here because we share a common love for chess haha
So here we go, a short Q&A with Silver Surfer

MJ- How did you come across crypto. What started your journey in the metaverse?

SS- It was very early 2011/2012 when I first got interested. At that time it was much harder to buy BTC with fiat. My brother mentioned a digital currency to me, and it sounded interesting. So went on a BTC deep dive, to understand it

MJ- That’s very early. We all know how super crazy you are about art, what got you interested in it?


I always liked digital art, in school did a bit of graphic and web design when I was much younger but never pursued it further. Was pretty good at it. My first NFT was cryptokitties in 2017 but went full into digital art through

MJ- To my knowledge (through your medium) you did some designing for Memex platform now. Glad you are continuing that through NFTs.

Giving my heart away by Fewocious

MJ- What attracts you about a particular art/artist. How do you decide what to collect?

SS- I think I learned I like design more than Art. It’s probably what attracted me to Pak’s works.

If it’s another artist, generally it’s a feeling that the work gives me.

Lim Hedra by Pak

MJ- Do you have any suggestions for new artists joining the space and how they could be better seen

SS- New Artists shouldn’t be in a rush to mint as many NFTs at once. They should engage in more Twitter and spaces discussions and start building their new audience of crypto native users.

MJ- Totally agree. Do you think right and wrong pricing is a thing? How could creators decide what to list their art for?

SS- Yeah 100%, I think pricing can limit a new artist from succeeding. It’s also one of the hardest things. I think a new artist should list at an entry point for a new collector as well.

MJ- What are your thoughts on scarcity. Do you just go for 1/1 or it doesn’t matter

SS- I definitely prefer 1/1 artwork over editioned, unless it’s sharded/shared 1/1s.

Cafe Racer: Paris by DaveKrugman

Thank you

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