Chess Players- Async Blueprint

5 min readJan 29, 2022

On an unusual day, a chess tournament was organized. Invitations sent to the worthy. Who turned up for the challenge? Who did they play against? What happens when everyone meets for a battle… The game of various emotions, do they stay true to their character or the game changes them The matches we wish to see

About me

I have been in the crypto space for 2 years (at the time of writing) and have been a chess player for 11+ years.

My first mint (through my wallet) was a chess piece- Knight. That marked the beginning of my amazing journey in this space.

That piece was a part of the Vibrant Chess series, which was taken well by the community and is sold out atm.

My Async genesis piece was Chess and Addicts (yes again chess hahah), with 5 layers and a master, now in hands of some of my favorite collectors.

Please read about my chess art and journey here —

And about my journey in this space-

Being a chess player for so many years has made me what I am today. The way I think, feel, make decisions. The game has helped me create so many memories which I feel proud of, so many hard memories too which taught me a lot. It was a childhood dream for me to do something great in chess. And art is helping me accomplish that.

About Chess Players

Chess Players is a drop of 690 editions at 0.1 eth mint including 2 legendary editions

It talks about a tournament that is organized, and with each mint, the pairing is revealed. The drop/ mint mechanics symbolizes the way my first ever tournament happened. Where players could pick anyone to play against, and play against one opponent as many times. And can also avoid playing against some players if they want.

So with each mint, a chess match is revealed. It is like getting to know what pairing happens next. Who plays against whom. And which one do you own

The drop involves many references to famous artworks, memes, characters, crypto figures, and also of my previous Chess NFTs. The whole drop is a parody of what would someone be on a chessboard.

It has various pairings showing famous rivalries

There are total

2 Legendaries

22 White Player

23 Black Player

10 Background

7 Grounds

Thus many pairings have high chances of never happening.

There are appearances of some famous characters doing what we would expect them to hahah


And many more. I will let you explore😁

Many memes in chess context’

And can’t forget the concept artworks forming part of the drop

And references to some irl events in chess world

(Use of cheating material in chess, represented by AI)

Honestly. I can keep going. But I would like you all to be surprised with what pairing you get. The beautiful thing about all this imo is how well each pairing goes with the other.

It is like there exists a whole different world for each chess player and it beautifully fits the others. A space enough to create a special game of chess.

Lastly, let’s talk about two legendries

  1. Thinkers- The precious eye contact
  2. Domination- A psychological games

One is based on fun little eye contact we have while playing the game over the board. Believe me, it is this awkward

And another is a concept art showing how our each move is controlled by the thoughts of the opponent

This drop also has many crypto cultural references, one being of ‘flip’ culture. Can’t miss that in this drop. So to represent that, the position of King and queen is flipped on board 😉

I am surprised no one pointed that out yet

I hope you enjoyed reading this and will enjoy the drop as well

Thank you