A trapped Bird- Artwork

3 min readAug 12, 2021

Owned by Krybharat

She looks like me,

perhaps she feels like me.

Beautiful, innocent?

No, I adore her strength.

I want her to fly,

see the world through her beautiful eyes.

Putting a choice in front of her,

will she free me or let me suffer


The artwork depicts a choice presented in front of the lady, with bird on her hand and lies a cage behind.

She resonates with the bird, it is a situation they both are in- just one being more evident.

What’s scarier-

  • Scary world outside of where we are — a threat represented by cat
  • Or the constant fear of being hurt while remaining inside the cage

The artwork during day time shows the cage of bird, but at night it displays the cage she is in as well.

A trapped Bird (Night time)

They both want to step outside and enjoy the world.

She hides her memories and past. They remind her of good times she longs and scare her of losing what she already has.

The Prison is not just a physical constraint but a mental one which doesn’t let her free. It keeps her tied within the box of perfection, definition of beauty and success decided by others…

She is tired

The poem is in the voice of the bird, trying to understand what path the lady will choose for herself. Will she break past these fears and enjoy freedom or will she keep on suffering from fear of what might go wrong.


For a long part of my life I have walked a pretty path that made my feet cold with every step, made goals that were adored by others. I have built a palace for myself which pleased others around me.

It looked beautiful, but not mine.

Being a professional chess player for 10+ years, and making good achievements without much efforts made me believe it is what I was meant to do, not ever considering if I really want to do. I never explored anything else. Continuously walking the exact path again and again with no end, because it was scary to change it. I thought I was nobody without it. Failing in chess was failing in life for me. The wrong ideas of success exhausted me.

I never asked myself where I really want to be until I tried understanding from an outsider’s eyes. Living in the perfect world of others, I forgot to build mine. I forgot to enjoy.

It was scary to change, to risk everything I have, and to make that choice of being truly free. To start from zero again.

Art helped me, and it finally feels home now, a small and happy place where I could be fearless.